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Biking Tour to Explore Thanh Tien Village

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Biking Tour to Explore Thanh Tien Paper Flower traditional Village

Type of tour: Easy cycling ~ 20 km for cycling

Distance: 30 km

Making a cycling trip around the countryside to admire the tranquil scenes and traditional handicraft villages is an interesting way to discover the other charming of Hue ancient capital and enjoy more of Community Base Tourism with Eco Nature Travel. Traveler can enjoy the fresh air of the beautiful sightseeing of different villages surrounding Hue when passing through green rice fields, verdant vegetable gardens, colorful flower gardens, visit old houses, ancient temples and join in many exciting activities in Thanh Tien paper flower-making village and Sinh folk painting village to learn more about the tradition and cultural of this peaceful land. Have lunch with friendly hostess to enjoy Hue cuisine as well as have a depth feeling of local life. Especially, visit Duong No village to explore the place where President Ho Chi Minh lived in his childhood and experience the simple life of a great leader of Vietnam. Let cycle to discover the simple but unique life of Hue People!

Am: At 8.00 am from hotel, our driver and guide will take you to the boat pier on the river to make a trip to visit traditional villages in Phu Mau commune, 8km from Hue city center. To boat down the Perfume River, you will find smooth and relaxed feeling when falling in line with nature and tranquil atmosphere along two sides of banks’ river. This is the peaceful picture with the fishing boats and the peaceful scenes of old temples, ancient trees, small docks, roads,…You will feel composure when listening the introduction about some simple but unique places that the boat passing through such as Con Hen Islet which is famous with its special food including rice and noodles with mussels exploited in its islet with unforgettable flavor, or Bao Vinh ancient town-  an important trade center in the central Vietnam from the 17th to 19th centuries with the view having many similarities to Hoi An ancient town. Arrive to Sinh boat pier, taking the cycling trip to visit Sinh village where has preserved and developed the traditional folk painting served for the spiritual life of local people to know how the villagers use the paper made from scallop powder to make meaningful paintings but simple in lines with traditional colors. Then, you leave Sinh village and ride about 2 km across the small roads with many bends for more experiences with beautiful sights. You will have chance to explore Tien Non flower-planting village that is the largest flower garden that serves Hue city for visiting and knowing more of the way local people plant variety of flowers. You are welcomed with a field of many kinds of colorful flowers such as lily, dahlia, daisy, etc that originate from Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat city, especially on Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year) you can see its most magnificent scenery. Next, you will spend your time to visit Thanh Tien paper flower-making village with the 300 year-old. For a long time, Thanh Tien paper flower has become a culture in the folk beliefs of Hue people. Today, it is not only has the meaning in worship but also has the aesthetic and cultural values. The villagers use paper as main material to create paper flowers such as lily, daisy, climbing rose, carnation, lotus, etc…with a variety of shapes and colors. Especially, you also have opportunity to make a small product by yourself under the instruction of friendly hostess. Walking around to visit the ancient temple and communal house in the village to understand more about the culture and history of the village located in the downstream of romantic Perfume River. Have lunch with the hostess to enjoy the local food.

Pm: In the afternoon, you go on your cycling to pass through roads with green bamboo hedges, vegetable gardens and large rice fields for more discover the hidden charms of countryside in Hue about 2 km. Stop on the way for taking photos and learn more special of villages. Arrive Duong No village, the land rich in culture and tradition; you have a chance to visit the simple cottage house of President Ho Chi Minh where he lived from 1898 to 1900 with his father and brother in his childhood. Waking around to see and admire the very simple life of a great leader of Vietnam. Then, you can visit the local market nearly there to explore more the daily activities of local people for more interesting feeling. Taking a rest, then you continue ride about 7 km on the way back hotel at 5.00 pm. End of tour.

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Included: English speaking guide, Boat trip, Mountain bike, Helmet, First aid kit, Lunch, Brunch, Entrance fee & Mineral water

Excluded: Insurance & other personal expenses.

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