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Being a real farmer in your Vietnam tour

When visitors travel to Vietnam you have plenty of chances to see and join different activities in this beautiful country. In the North of Vietnam you can join trekking and walking to minority villages and see their true life daily besides admire beautiful sceneries. However, when you come to Central and especially in Hoi An Town one of the World Heritage Sites you will have a different way to get the real life at this countryside. It is very easy for you to see farmers with their work on fields, houses at any countryside, and villages of Vietnam but to be a farmer and try their works, you can take part in when you visit Hoi An town. Hoi An is a peaceful old town lies in Thu Bon River, thanks to the good location and advantage from nature and climate, Hoi An village especially in Tra Que village you can try to be a farmer, grow vegetable as traditional way without using fertilizer and pesticide when grow crop. Everything is grown as green way that is good for human health. As a result, Tra Que vegetables have the good label at restaurants, hotels in Quang Nam, Hoi An to serve for visitors all over the world. Farmer here use their traditional way by make soil, get water-plant from Thu Bon river and  cover soil in the surface before growing vegetables. These water-plants are fertilizer for vegetable when they develop without using any chemistry fertilizer.  You will have chance to experience the processes to prepare, grow vegetable at a house in Tra Que village in order to get more understanding of local farmers. Moreover, thanks to the development of tourism and especially the idea to give visitors traditional method in growing vegetables, this helps local people raising their lives and create the awareness as well as fresh vegetables for markets not only in Hoi An but also in the country. Vietnam tour with special products to introduce Vietnam real life is the effort of local people wish to bring everyone in the world to explore. How about you? What do you think of if you choose and try to be a farmer when you have a plan for Vietnam tour ? Get a new destination with a new experience in your time in Vietnam.

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