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Cat Cat Minority Village Of Hmong People

Maybe you hear about the name of Cat Cat village when you search information of Sapa town for travel Vietnam. It is an ideal place for trekking to the village and discovers the life of minority people in Northwest of Vietnam. Cat Cat village is the must see in Sapa town where is far from 3 kilometers trek down the hill with two sides is the home of tribe people. The road trek down the village is only and at the end of the village is a beautiful waterfall.  When you have chance trek to the village you can discover the architecture of H’Mong tribe people house as well as the costumes of Hmong people which remains today although pass through the time. Terrace fields are famous in the mountain areas of North Vietnam; in Cat Cat village you can also admire the terrace field. However, this village is not the most beautiful terrace field in Sapa – Lao Cai. You can choose to trek along Lao Chai and Ta Van village to see beautiful ladder rice fields here on ripe rice season from September yearly.  Besides, silver curve handicraft of Hmong people has specific character to make jewelry traditionally. As a result you can see souvenir gift from this handicraft village at shops along trekking road to the village. In addition, corn wine is the special drink of this village and minority people here. Try and taste it when you come and visit the village. Sa Pa Vietnam tour will be more interesting for your vacation at this traditional village where a lot of traditional values of Hmong people remain. This is a great experience in your Vietnam tour for new things at these beautiful country especially highland villages as Cat Cat.

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