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Contemplating and discovering Phu Quoc Island

Whenever set foot on Phu Quoc Island, you will have chance to contemplate and discover the primitive natural beauty of primeval forest, boundless sea with soft white sand, pure blue sea-water and colorful corals…In addition, you could learn about the making process of “nuoc mam” (Vietnamese fish sauce) and pearl factory, survey the green pepper garden or relax on international standard resorts…

Especially, there is the most beautiful beach named Sao beach which far from Duong Dong town about 25km. Sao beach located on airtight bay so the waves are ripply. There are not many places owned primitive beauty like here. The travelers are so interested in not only swimming on the sea but also fishing and standing on the coast to survey the waves in the afternoon.

Apart from Sao beach, there are many nice beaches in the abundant marine ecosystems in the north of Phu Quoc Island such as “Mong Tay” island, “Doi Moi” island, “Thay Boi” island…All of them are the ideal destinations for tourists to explore ocean. The corals here are considered big one in Viet Nam about abundance with 17 kinds of soft and hard corals as well as different actiniae.

If you love to adventure, you could have scuba diving or snorkeling to discover the beauty of 260 kinds of corals. The ecological conservation area “Da Ngon” mountain is the ideal place for outdoor activities for example climbing, primeval forest discovery, spring bath…You not only wallow in the cool water but also enjoy the pleasant with nature here.

Besides, Phu Quoc Island is also charming with the red earth streets, pure streams hidden in the mountains for instance “Da Ban” stream, “Tien” stream, “Tranh” spring…These red soil streets will lead you come to pepper garden as well as small houses and school. You could make friend with forests, mountains and murmur streams.

Phu Quoc International Park is primeval forest with 370 km2 in area; it owns 929 kinds of flora, 144 kinds of animals and the untouched natural ecosystems in the temperate climate; it is unusual Museum of flora and fauna in Viet Nam. Here is also the attractive destination for visitors who are fond of ecotourism because they could choose many kinds of activity such as walking, trekking and kayaking to find out the enigmatic beauty inside the old forests.

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