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Discover Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is situated in the area of Phu Loc and Nam Dong districts, Hue Province. It is far away 60km to the South of Hue City , 45 km to Da Nang and 90 km to Hoi An . Bach Ma National Park is well-known for the wonderful natural landscape, biodiversity and the fresh atmosphere. Many people consider it as “Da Lat of Central Vietnam “because of its climate condition. Thanks to the climate conditions, Bach Ma National Park has great advantages to develop tourism and preserve natural flora and fauna system. You will be surprised at the changeable weather that is from sunshine to darkness, and clouds to rains. It creates wonderful picture. Travel Vietnam will bring to you unique trip with high satisfaction.

The national park was established in 1991 in order to protect the ecological system well. Bach Ma was recognized as one of the biodiversity centers of Indochina countries for the diversified ecology. Visiting here, you will discover many floras with primitive forests. There are 2,147 species of the flora in Bach Ma which is about one-fifth of whole flora of Vietnam and many species are listed in Red Book of Vietnam. Therefore, it is ranked as one of the largest flora centers of Vietnam. Besides, the fauna is also outstanding feature which attracts many tourists come here to discover, especially for natural lovers. You will have chance to explore different 1493 species, especially birds. More than one- third of the bird species of Vietnam are found in here. Natural lovers are eager to find out and watch the bird for more experience and adventure because Bach Ma National Park is the paradise for anyone who loves bird watching. You can see pigeons, bulbuls, parakeets, kingfishers, jungle fowl, etc.  In here, if you are lucky, you will see “Sao La” which exists only in Vietnam and is one the rarest mammals on the planet.

Bach Ma means white horse and refers to the white clouds capping its peak. Upon reaching the highest peak, you will have a breathtaking view over the continuous mountain ranges and steep peaks. You will feel comfortable and very exciting when standing in the top of mountain, breath fresh air and see the wonderful views. Moreover, you can camp, trek or wander through the jungle to discover the beauty of flora and fauna. And you will have chance to explore the tourist paths such as Tri Sao path, Do quyen path, Ngu Ho (Five-lakes) path, Hai Vong Dai path. I’m impressed by Do Quyen Fall where many people slide down from the upper part of fall or you can walk down to the bottom of the falls to catch and enjoy the whole fantastic view and spend more time to swim. In addition, you will observe the collapsed buildings which were built in French Colonial Period to have real experience.

In general, Bach Ma National Park tour is ideal place for you to discover beauty and diversity of nature. Through Travel Vietnam, you will get real adventure as well as integrate into nature to relax and get peaceful in your soul.

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