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Discovers different beauties of tribe people in Aluoi tour

Aluoi is a mountain district in the west of Thua Thien Hue province and about 70 km Hue city centre. Having the border with Laos country. Covered  by diversity forest, sceneries and landscapes with green forests,  to arrive in Aluoi from Hue city centre you must on car or even on motorbike through winding streets which is very exciting for adventure people. Although this highland of Thua Thien Hue province is far from city centre, it has a rich history with many visiting sites which were very famous during the war time between Vietnam-America. Passing through many years after the war, now Aluoi is developing and changing day by day. The name Peke Pass, Me Oi Pass, blood stream, Hambuger Hill.. are well-known with American Veterans. Aluoi is the home of community of Taoi, Katu, Paco minority people so the diversity in ethnic cultures are also valued to have a discovery. And especially you can see most of Taoi minority people in Aluoi city centre and villages surrounding. Aluoi is promising a potential tourism destination in Vietnam tours. When you join Aluoi Vietnam tours, you can discover many different landscapes and values in Aluoi depending on your time staying here. You can trek through primary forest and explore the diversity of flora and fauna in Aluoi forest which is in the Green Corridor. Spending time to relax at A Roang Hot Spring and enjoy the leisure time. A Luoi is famous for Hamburger Hill so trekking to the Hill you can take back the past especially Vietnam War and enjoy the panorama of the district will be great for your time. Not similar as other regions in Vietnam, Aluoi offer villages to have a home stay with tribe family or Rong house to get more experiences of their cultures. How do you know of textile in mountain area, at villages in Aluoi you can also learn and know the procedure to make a textile cloths.  Aluoi is inviting you to come and discover its specialties.

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