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Explore Ha Noi City Through Viet Nam Tour

Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam country with many famous destinations. Through Viet Nam Tour, you will have chance to explore this unique city.

The first destination which anyone wants to visit isHoChi Minh Mausoleum- remains a large memorial and body of the Vietnamese leader who is great eternal hero in the soul and mind of each Vietnamese people .It is located in the center of Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi, Vietnam which is the place where Uncle Ho read the Declaration of Independence on September 2, 1945 to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. When visiting here, you will see the unique architect of this mausoleum. It was built as lotus flower which represents nice and humane soul of Ho Chi Minh and was modeled after Mausoleum of Lenin in Russia. You also will have good chance to see the school students in their white shirts and blue-bottomed uniform queuing up to go to museum. That is exciting that bring to you come back your childhood. Visiting to the complex sites, you will enjoythe Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Ho Chi Minh Stilt house, The presidential Palace and the One Pillar or  Dien Huu Pagoda. This trip makes you has more cultural and historic knowledge of Vietnamese people.

The second place is the Temple of Literature. It is the first university of Vietnam and one of the most typical architecture styles for centuries. This temple was built to honor doctorates and high rank scholars in that time. Reaching here, you will explore about up and down of the education and history of Vietnam in the past. It has great mirror for Vietnamese people to find out and train talented and good student who contribute to develop country higher position in the world. Moreover, you see many hundred-year-old trees which show you the sign of time as well as longstanding of first university of Vietnam.  Besides, you will explore special in the architecture style in the temple, especially roof and tiles.

Next, visiting Museum of Ethnology will make you have more experience about the splendor state of Vietnam. It represents that Vietnam has multiethnic with 54 people in Vietnam country. When you visit here, you will have chance not only entertain or relax but also learn about ethnic groups, cultural diversity, traditional values of each ethnic and regions in Vietnam. In addition, you will see 54 collections of each ethnic group such as clothes, jewelry, agricultural tool, fishing instrument, musical instruments and so on. Museum of Ethnology was created for everybody such as elder people and children, professionals and nonprofessionals, domestic and international tourists. With its aim, it attracts many visitors coming here every day.

In addition, the Old Quarter is special with one thousand years old. It is outstanding feature that creates identity of old Hanoians. The old quarter is famous area for the history, architecture, diversity of products as well as the everyday life of people in here. Most of the street name is started with “Hang “(means” shop”) and the next word after “Hang” is the name of products for sale such as China Bowls (Bat Su), Roasted Fish (Cha Ca), Silver (Hang Bac), Silk (Hang Gai), Tour Service (Ma May), Bamboo products (Hang Buom), etc. Nowadays, it still retains the original traits that attract many tourists, especially anyone who has passion of old architecture. Come here to see ancient house with many small paths and to enjoy crowding of trade activities. Many visitors are eager to wander or to take the cyclo along the old streets to stop over the stores to buy some special products and to come back the busy and crowded markets. Especially, you can take the night market taking places from Friday to Sunday with products on great sales in 4 old streets such as Hang Dao, Hang Ngang,  Hang Duong and Dong Xuan.

Let yourself to explore Ha Noi on Viet Nam Tour to get cultural and historical lessons as well as real experience.

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