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Mui Ne - the ideal tourist destination for summer

Far from Phan Thiet city about 22km in the Northeast, Mui Ne is the attractive tourist destination with boundless sand dunes; pure blue sea and the rows of high coconut tree which surround the coast. Mui Ne beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia; there are many luxury resorts here for you to relax.

If it’s sunny, sand dune will be your first destination whenever you arrive in Mui Ne. The best time to travel here is from 7a.m to 8am when the temperature of 25-27 °C. At this time, the sand dunes have not heated yet so you could walk in bare feet to survey the wonderful scenery of Mui Ne.

The white sand dune stretch vastly in Mui Ne is the famous landscape, the symbol as well as the beautiful image for Binh Thuan province. In the sunshine together with cool wind which brings the sea saltiness, white sand dunes and red sand dunes heave continuously as well as change the shape hourly; it create the charming and pristine beauty for Mui Ne.

Mui Ne not only become a famous destination with sand dunes but also attracts the tourist by rows green coconut tree which surround the coast. The high coconut tree-trunks which fall in the direction of sea make Mui Ne view so poetic. Traveler could sit under the coconut trees to enjoy pleasant feeling from the immense sea-breeze.

Especially if you love the sports such as water- skiing, sailing-boat race…, Mui Ne is the ideal destination for you to do it.

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