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Ponagar Cham Tower Unique Place In Vietnam Tour

In the past, Cham Pa is ancient civilization that had great influence on the Southeast Asia , especially Vietnam and Cambodia. If Cambodian always proud of World Heritage Site Anglor Wat , Vietnamese people have one similar complex – the Po Nagar Tower in Nha Trang because there is great similarity between them. The Po Nagar Tower – known as Thap Ba is a complex of temples which built before 781 A.D after Hinduism. This tower is one of the largest complex of Cham Pa culture  in Central Vietnam . It is located on Cu Lao Moutain, near Cai River and far way 2 km from Nha Trang Centre. You can visit by car or motorbike with great experience and exploration. The Towers are truly beauty and charming with unique features. Its name is used to show the complex but it is the name of largest tower in reality.

The largest Tower is its name as Po Nagar and symbol of the Goddess who taught new agricultural and weaving techniques to local people in here. The Central tower is symbol for fertility. There are many childless couples visit there to pray in everyday. They believe that if they pray by heart, they will get their wishes. The Northwest Tower is honor of Sanhaka – father of Po Narga and Ganeca – the daughter of Po Nagar in the southern Tower.

In this complex, it remains ancient inscription of Cham people which keep worship rice field and slaves and value gifts for the Goddess.  The majestic Po Nagar Towers is ranked as National Historic Relic in 1979.The Towers is the soul of Cham. It represents the Cham people’s culture and traditional values as well as the manner of Kinh people among many cultures. It creates the national unity and solidarity among people in Vietnam.

Visiting here through Vietnam Tours, you will get both historic lesson and great photos. You will find out hundreds of ancient relics displayed inside the complex and you will see beautiful view of Cai River and the villages from the tower. Moreover, you will have chance to discover the hidden charm of Cham people’s culture and to enjoy many traditional dance shows, singing, and performances acting out the old stories and legends in front of the main tower.

The Po Nagar Festival is held from March 20th to the 23rd in the lunar calendar to praise the Goddess who created the land, discovered rice and taught the people how to farm and make handicrafts. This festival includes diversified cultural activities, great performances in order to honor the beauty of Cham people’s culture and is ranked one of 16 National Festival in Vietnam. It attracts many people to join in with great exciting feelings.

Let visit the Po Nagar in Vietnam Tour to understand the soul of Cham people and enjoy unique architecture. You will be amazed when coming here. This is worthy place for anyone who is interested in history and loving taking photography.

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