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Saigon Autumn Beauty in Your Vietnam Tours

Once the yellow leaves fall on, autumn comes, however, it will be strange if you think of this and find autumn in Saigon. You will not realize it because trees are always green after rains in summer until dry season of next year. Different from Hanoi autumn with typical smell just on in Hanoi capital city such as milk flower, yellow leaves cover on streets and Hoan Kiem Lake, Saigon autumn has its own specialties without the same signal like this. If you have an opportunity to visit Vietnam in autumn from September, you can admire different autumn in each region of the country during your Vietnam tours. Known and famous for sunny all year round city of Vietnam, Saigon autumn thanks to have sunshines from the early morning without too hot as in Central Vietnam.  There is no signals impressive as in Hanoi capital city, Saigon autumn starts quietly without cover by yellow in all streets by leaves. Just with light rain on late afternoons, Saigon people can realize autumn comes. Rarely Saigon is a little cold for warm year round, but with the a little cold, people can realize the beginning of autumn beside light rains. Rains make Saigon more charming and beautiful than for not too heavy as in summer, just too light which make people enjoy the cooling atmosphere. Just a minute but it makes many people enjoyment this feeling. The busiest of this famous city is also slower than for people enjoy it than normal day. Coming to Saigon on autumn, your Vietnam tours will be more interesting to enjoy and admire different autumns in each area of this beautiful country. A combination for a vacation to visit historical sites to beautiful sceneries, you can have a chance to admire feelings of the people and cultures in Vietnam with different times.

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