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Terraced Rice Fields In Sapa Viet Nam Tour

Sapa town is the most attractive tourism town of Vietnam. However, the most exciting in Sapa you should not miss is to admire at terraced rice fields at villages in Sapa, Lao Cai. It makes tourists come here surprisingly for its bewitching beauties.  It contributes for unique tourism product for the northwest of Vietnam.   Sa Pa Rice Terraces have become more famous than since Travel and Leisure Magazines of America declared it is on the top seven grandiose ones of Asia and world. Sapa on Fall with ripe rice season is as picturesque thanks the terraced fields on the foot of Fansipan Mounatian. This is the most beautiful season in Sa Pa, Lao Cai. Let imagine terraced fields are as ladder to the heaven at villages attract more and more tourists to this highland. Be present for hundreds of year but thanks to the man’s hand of minority people from generations to generations create the beautiful scenes as we can see today. Especially large terraced fields in Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin village look as a huge picture by curving lines. It is as wish to keep tourists’ feet stay longer than to admire its beauty. Furthermore, the color of terraced rice fields change due to time from the starting of new crop to green rice and ripe rice.

The new crop start on April and May, the surface of terraced fields are watered, this makes a reflect picture while the brown of soil in land and deep blue sky above.

During the time green crop from June to July, it creates a full green paddy field and forest surround, it looks like a green carpet stretches from the foot to the heaven line. I am sure that you will not have chance to see this scene at anywhere else. 

At the end of autumn in September and October, the terraced fields are ripe. You can see the picture as a gold silk curving along mountain slopes, create amazing beautiful landscape which Sapa attract tourists come to in their Viet Nam tour

Association with unique cultural values of minority people, beautiful landscapes of nature, terraced rice fields contribute for impressive of Sapa mountainous area. Among the rice fields stretch across the landscapes to the horizon, you can see small house with small people look from the far distance, it makes the picture more attractive and living than ever.

Tourists who love take photos, Sapa foggy town and terraced rice fields and tribe villages in northern Vietnam are value to visit. You will never regret when you choose this highlight in your Viet Nam tour. Much surprising things are waiting to admire and explore it by your own eyes.

There are two way to come this highlight land by car or train. If you travel on car, you can chance to admire the imposing and spectacular scenes alongside road to this town while travel by night train seems to be smoother than.

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