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Spetacular of Ocean Cloudy admiration in your Vietnam tour

On the throughout Vietnam journey across the Central land, Hai Van Pass becomes an ideal landscape appreciation of travelers from South to North. The Pass always has cloudy which is glorified by different beauties as you come to paradise. As its name Hai Van means “Ocean Cloudy” where clouds sometimes cover a part of the pass as it would like to keep travelers to stay longer than in their journey. From the height of 500 m sea level, Hai Van Pass is the wonderful stopover to admire the spectacular beauty of nature, landscapes in the high mountain, white cloud and wide sea which nowhere has. The nature has blessed Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city this famous Hai Van Pass privately to take part in unique beauties of these regions. This obstacle pass is the tourist attraction although it isnot advantage in traffic. Once visitors come across the highest pass of Vietnam, they can also have a chance to visit the blockhouse of French colonial built in 1826 to protect this strately pass. It is the evident for Vietnam War and becomes of part in Vietnam history. From the summit of the pass to the north visitors have a whole view of Lang Co beach – one of the beautiful beaches of Asia and an ideal relaxation for those who love beach and swim under the fresh water with the white sandy beach of 10km. And far away is Lap An Lagoon, Lang Co fishing village as a picturesque hidden under white cloud.

While visitors raise your eyes to the south the whole Da Nang City lies on Han River is smaller openning in your eyes. Far from is Son Tra summit where cloud covers all year.  Although the pass road is dangerous with deep gulf and High Mountain, Hai Van pass is an attractive touristy site in Vietnam tour which is introduced in package tour of travel companies.

In reality, from North to South nowhere has high and tottery pass but glorious and fanciful scenery as in Ocean Cloudy Pass. The tortuous pass road lies along the mountain slide, meanders as a silk among the sky and cloud. Therefore, from its name visitors can imagine this is as wind and cloud world.

Nature has blessed combines with human hand affect by time, it becomes human culture values. In Vietnam tour journey, visitors come across Hai Van Pass means step your foot to the interference of lands, conquer the height. It is also the ideal place for photographers to create unique photos with different beauties of nature and, human.

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