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Street Foods In Hue Imperial City To Taste In Vietnam Tour

A Vietnam tour will not be complete without tasting the street food. Now many Vietnamese street food dishes have become popular favorite such as Beef noodles, which tourists like and wish to taste it in their Vietnam tour.

From the early morning, people begin to prepare their specialty dishes and when the sun rises, they take their foods to streets or street corners to sell. The morning sight is the clearly one for you to see and enjoy the street food better than any time in day. When everyone from old to young, rich and poor have breakfast and choose street food for their breakfast. From that you will see the street foods culture of Vietnamese. That is why you can see all food stalls or allotted street corners always crowded customers.

Just come to the plastic table and chair, no menu as in restaurant, just a small table written dishes they sell you call dish you wish to eat. Different from other cities in Vietnam, Hue street foods have private deliciousness and smell. As you can see, Hue is a tourism city and a festival one of Vietnam. When you make a trip to Vietnam, Hue is an attractive destination in your Vietnam tour.

Nowadays, many tourists come to Hue for experiencing of ancient architectures, history, sightseeing and taste the street foods of Hue “delicious” and “strange”. At this old capital city there are many special dishes which are delicious for you to try and taste their special smell. The special dishes of Hue are all kinds of rice cakes: banh beo “bloating fern-shaped cake”, banh nam, loc, banh khoai “plain rice flan”, com hen, bun bo “vermicelli of beef”… and sea foods all kinds from sea and rivers to fruit juices and sweetened porridges. All foods make tourist enjoy and would like to try them one time once arrive in Hue. By different methods, Hue people make different kinds of rice cakes by special tastes. By the combination of beef, pork and rice vermicelli just only in Hue, Bun Bo becomes famous throughout the country. Plus you can taste and enjoy Che Hue everywhere you are in Hue city. The delicious smell of each kind of Che make you feel curious. Longan che which before was served for Royal family, now you can taste it at fruit stalls in Hue. On summer days, a che glass will be great. 

As normal, each region and city has special dishes but street foods in Hue you can taste it more interesting and differently. You can eat it with venders along streets’ path, small food stalls on narrow streets, at markets or only under shady trees. Some of tourists come to Vietnam and are afraid of eating streets foods, but when you arrive in Hue the thought maybe change for trying these foods as Vietnamese not at famous or foreign restaurant. You can put a question, why Hue people eat foods on streets or at vender sellers. You should have a thought why many Hue people eat these foods; you can taste them to experience of the daily life as local people. Let walk around streets you will see that there are many venders with traditional shoulder pole and hangers walk along streets to sell many kinds of products such as fruits, foods… In additional, the nightlife with street foods you will see it clearly. Under the colorful light of electronic or oil lights, you can get the feeling and try real local foods as local way. That is why plenty of tourists all over the world said that street foods in Vietnam is the best. Don’t miss street food for your holiday in Vietnam.

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