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The special sunset color of Imperial Hue

Hue Imperial City is a tourist attraction in Central Vietnam. Once travelling to Hue, visitors can discover unique characters of culture, people, landscapes and architectures. And one of the very different corners of Hue you should find out and touch it by your heart.  

Have you ever heard or read about the violet color of Hue?

On the sunset legend of afternoon clouds and grass’s green on the Perfume River, the Violet color of only Hue, people realize deeply feelings by visual.  It makes people must discover, be stupefied. Hue violet becomes a label of this Imperial City privately. The violet is the harmony of grass, river, and mountain associated with the red of late afternoon together with the foggy color, cloudy as well as other colors. Purple but not purple, cold but not sad, meditative but not suppresses resentment, quiet but ready to get waves.

In fact, the violet of Hue is as an unreal picture, be present there but nothing. It is not easy for anyone can have the feeling of Hue color. If there is a shortage of any elements which create the violet, it will not appear in your mind. This color is not only appear and spead in the space but also dissolve in Hue people’s soul with a color of profound and constant.

Let imagine at the time while Perfume River is pure and under the red of sunshine, the violet appears and dissolves with landscape on the River creates a feeling which cannot express by words, just feel by your heart and soul. For those who have a chance to visit Hue, all visitors wish to have a boat trip on Perfume River to enjoy the sunset and taste the violet color on this green river in their Viet Nam tour. Just only step your foot along the river’s bank and admire its marvelous scenery by your own eyes deeply besides the patience. That is the reason why much poems, artists, musicans tell about this famous river and its color.  Therefore, Hue violet is called the color of time, culture and mood.

In additions, dress style is the important color piece which creates Hue cultural character. The Violet is the important color in dress style of Hue people. Especially, Ao Dai is an additional unique of Hue woman with the violet. So once talk about Hue, talk about Hue girl and Ao Dai, in the violet Ao Dai makes Hue girls more charming than – a special character of Hue woman in the harmony and refined color, not sad but happy but brings the hidden character. That is why once people tell about Hue, people think of the violet. Let's visit Hue City in your Viet Nam tour to enjoy its speciality which you hear and read it on newspaper before by your own eyes and heart.  

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