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Travel Vietnam By Joining In Ecotourism

Ecotourism is interesting tour with the participation of many people not only in Vietnam but also in other countries. Travel Vietnam gives unique tour for anyone who love nature and want to discover flora and fauna as well as grottoes, caves in Vietnam. Discovering these things makes you have close relationship with natural environment. In order to explore flora and fauna, you will visit National Parks in Vietnam such as Cat Ba, Cuc Phuong, Phong Nha- Ke Bang, Bach Ma, Cat Tien, etc. When you travel here, you will have chance to see rare animals and plants, to hear bird singing, to see blossom flower as well as to find out diversified types , especially to take great photos for your special journey in your life. On the other hand, trekking in forest is good way to take ecotourism tour where you have own experience that helps you integrate into nature and explore itself for beauty. For example, trekking in Sa Pa in some days will brings to you both beautiful sceneries and exploration of minorities people in highland area or you will trek to Aroang Forest in A Luoi Tour to explore and search rare fauna and flora. Besides, you will have chance to explore grottoes, caves that nature give by walking, trekking or taking the boat to enjoy great work of nature. Each of cave has own features that create diversified tours in Travel Vietnam. Explore it, you will understand more clearly about the process to form the caves , how this cave exists in the long time, find out  a geological characteristic – the system of underground rivers and caves in limestone mountains as well as  the mysterious and majestic landscapes by nature. Moreover, it brings to you many beautiful views so that you can take a lot of photos. Cycling Tour makes you feel comfortable and contribute to protect environment. Visiting villages by bicycle which is surrounded in a hedge of green bamboos, rice fields and near a beautiful river that make you feel close. On the road, tourists will see the scenes of village look like a nice and lively picture and breathe fresh air with wonderful feeling. You’ll be amazed when seeing cowboys, peasants and wingding streets. You can imagine that you will ride bicycle through paddle rice fields to enjoy favor of rice, to see daily life of peasants, and can have chance to be true farmer by fertilizing and grow plants. These activities help you get real experiences of local people in here. Cycling Tour is the way you leave message: “Protecting environment is the way to protect yourselves, relatives and world”. I make sure that you have unforgettable memories. Visiting Fruit Garden is also feature of ecotourism. Being the tropical country, Vietnam has many fruit gardens, especially Mekong Delta River. Let visit Can Tho and Ben Tre Provinces to see and enjoy local fruits that satisfy you somehow and to know how people plant and the method to make them grow quickly but naturally.

In general, ecotourism makes you have free time to relax and to close with nature and help you leave difficulties and worries of your daily life behind to enjoy and relax and integrate yourself into tranquility of daily beautiful life.

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