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Vietnam Travel with Cham Museum & Marble Mountain

Anyone who has a chance to visit Central Vietnam comes to see unique destinations – Cham Museum and Marble Mountain. Vietnam Travel will bring to you unforgettable trip with great feeling. 

To many people who are fond of history and architecture, visit Cham museum located at Da Nang City, Vietnam. It is the unique museum not only in Vietnam but also in the world with the largest collection of Cham Arts. Come here to feel about legend stories of glorious stage of ancient Champa Kingdom and to enjoy its simple and elegant patterns. Moreover, you will have chance to appreciate the up and down of Champa Sculpture in previous centuries by seeing temples and towers which were collected from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan. Reaching museum, it seems that you can see again the glorious time of nation with the passion of art and the creative talent got high level in the past. Through them, you will get the great value of culture, the religious symbols, mysterious world of deities …which are displayed lively and in details. Although the architecture and sculpture were profoundly influenced by Hindu people in India, the ancient Champa had a vision life and religion with their own feeling. With its own view, they created many subtle and beautiful art works which bring to you the unique, familiar feeling. Do not miss it!

Marble Mountain is also popular destination which anyone comes to explore. It is far 9km in the south of Da Nang City.  The Marble Mountain was named after the ancient oriental philosophy including 5 elements creating universe: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Reaching here, you will see the systems of caves and tunnels which were used as a very important base for Vietnam Revolutionary. Most of tourists go there to climb Thuy Son (Mountain of Water) which is the highest one and the main attraction spot. Climbing there, you will have chance to visit many caves and Buddhist temples. From its foot, you will take 150 stone steps to reach the most beautiful spot the Riverview Tower ( Vong Giang Tower)  which was built by Minh Mang King in 18th Century. From there, you will be enjoyed the breathtaking picture to Kim Son (Mountain of Metal), Cam Le River and the beautiful coastal. At Linh Ung Pagoda, you will look over all views of sea that make your soul flying and you will feel peaceful in your mind. These places retain many things with great historical, cultural and religious value. Finally, you will have opportunity to see Non Nuoc Village at the foot of Marble Mountain that is well-known for stone sculptures and handicrafts. In here, you can buy many things made of marble stone such as earrings, necklaces, vases, sculpture of Buddha or Lion as a gifts for your memorable trip and for your friends when coming back home.

Vietnam Travel leads you new strange experience with Cham Museum and Marble Mountain. Go and have great exciting feeling!

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