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Donations we have done

In 2015

As plan of charitable activities 2015 of Eco Nature Travel Co.,Ltd, all of Eco staff members joined together to repair and paint the house of Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien – a 33 years old Agent Orange victim lived in Cam Vu, Cam Thuy Commune, Cam Lo District, Quang Tri province within 3 days from May 08th to 10th 2015. We worked with the effort, enthusiasm, ardour as well as heartening state of mind because of thinking about this significant program.


During that time, we tin-roofed for inside ceiling, appended the window and door to the wall as well as painted her old house to make it newer than before; we already well completed all detail of our plan. Her small home is very spacious now. Hope that she and her poor family will be always healthy to overcome the present pain and be happy in their life. Her family express heartfelt thanks Eco Nature Team and Singaporean friend very much for help them to get the better house and life condition. We brought the comfort and encouraging to her and her family with our sincere heart and sense of help.

All of members in Eco Nature Travel Co., Ltd wish to continue finding other difficult situations who are Agent Orange victimsto do more helpful activities in the coming time.  

In 2014

Whole member of Eco Nature Travel Co., Ltd aware deeply as well as hope to unite together to do the practical and significant charitable projects with a sense of responsibility for community, head public, bring into play the Viet Nam nation’s traditions about solidarity and “Good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”.

According to the plan, from 23rd May to 25th May 2014, all of Eco Nature Team went to Cam Vu village, Cam Thuy commune, Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province to help building the new house for Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien - a 32 years old Agent Orange victim woman who has quite piteous life.

During those 3 days, we completely finished painting, glazed-tile tiling, building and screeding the veranda …At the start, everyone was engrossed in hard working together; each person had different job such as painting, motar coating, glazed-tile tiling, screeding, soil carry by wheelbarrow,cement mix, backfillfor foundation of house veranda…the working atmosphere was so busy and there was a boisterous brouhaha of laughter and talk at that time. Even though we not usually do the manual labour like that, we didn’t feel tired. There were only smiles on our faces because of the happiness when we could join together to help her difficult situation; that happiness itself seem made sweat on our body disappear. With all of our enthusiasm of labour as well as heartfelt sentiment, Eco Nature Team completed helping building new home for Ms. Hien as the plan. The noon before we left Quang Tri province, all of us and her family had an informal lunch with the confidence from bottom of our heart. She said that:”I really feel the warm emotion and deep human feeling from you guys. It’s a valuable assistance since everybody took long time to come here from another province; I am so moved by the helping with yourself physical labour. I and my family actually thank Eco Nature Team so much”.  Shaking our hands with her unhealthy and skinny hands before say goodbye, she thank effusively. To her this was the joy mixed with gratitude- the indefinable pleasure. We were very happy and touched when hearing these sentences as we knew that we did a significant thing to appease the pain of Agent Orange which she is bearing from the war. Our charitable project not only shared the pangs, unhappiness but also brought hope and encouraging for her to rise in the life; hope that she will own a good house and brimful of health.

Especially, all of members in Eco Nature Travel Co., Ltd wish to help and share the dolor with more strenuous lives in the next years. 


In 2012

Not by words, we made in reality to local community from our tour interest as our aim. Eco Nature Travel is a true travel agent and tour operator of ecology, sustainable and responsible travel for tour to A Luoi.

By tours we have organized to Aluoi for visiting and home stay at stilt-house, we bring benefits for local people in earning their lives when serve tourist. Traditional show is the way to introduce local cultures and preserve their cultures are what we can do for local community here.  Although low intellectual standards, after having the training and have chance to serve foreign tourist, local people here now know how to serve and introduce their specialties to foreign tourists friendly.

In September 2010 and 2011, Eco Nature Travel organized a donation trip to A Roang School in Aluoi District of Thua Thien Hue province to present notebooks, pencils, pens, books for hard working students in this remote school to encourage their study. Eco Nature Travel has worked carefully with local authorities of these schools in Aluoi to know the true situation of the school and children here. Good students with hard working and have the overcome spirit received our gifts from us. We planned to give gifts to encourage students for students at other schools. They are practical meaning and gifts for minority children in their study. Here is the number for our donation at schools in Aluoi form Grade 1 to Grade 9:

- 30 recompenses for A Roang Secondary school.

- 15 recompenses for Hong Quang Secondary school.

- 30 recompenses for Nham Primary school.

- 15 recompenses for Hong Van Primary school.

- 10 recompenses for Hong Thuy Primary school.

By first successful activities, Eco Nature Travel is hoping that 2012 and next year we will have more donations and supports for children in Aluoi, Dong Giang and other regions as well as local villages with these reality supports plus your contribution and social associations.

By introducing and giving more community base tour programs with unique itinerary and services at local to give more chances for local people to get the benefit from sustainable and responsible travel. This is another way that Eco Nature Travel contributes for tourism.

Travel with Eco Nature Travel and help us to give a hand and a small contribution to society. Just a small thing but it is a fully meaning action and bring a lot of benefits for many people in Vietnam.  A new land, a new experience and a new life for both local and yourself as well !

Once again Eco Nature Travel would like to send you the sincerely thanks for your warming heart to our community.