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Country name: Kingdom of Cambodia

Location: Southeast Asia – Indochina Peninsular

Area: 181,035 square kilometers

Currency: Riel

Population: ~ 17 million people

Capital: Phnom Penh

National Day: 07th Jan

Religion: Buddhism

Language: Khmer
Natural resources: Metals, minerals (iron ore, manganese ore, phosphate, limestone, clay, salt, coal, rubies, sapphires, zircons, gold and silver), hydroelectric power, and of course, forestry (which covers 70% of the country).

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia with famous temples, rice fields and a history unlike any country with 21 provinces. The religion of Cambodia is Buddhism. Yearly, Cambodia welcomes millions of tourists to the country to explore the breathtaking sights as well as Angkor Wat – World Wonder. Cambodia borders by Thailand to the west, Laos in the north, and Vietnam in the east and the Gulf of Thailand in the south. Besides the richly diverse nation with temples, there are pretty islands and beautiful beach in Cambodia to visit and relax of the beach resort Sihanoukville and island in Ream National Park. Mekong River flows from Laos to Cambodia and the end at Vietnam offer many chance to travel in the country and this is the great way to enjoy the country on Mekong River. The natural beauty gives a great place for exploring by trekking to jungles, paddy fields. In addition, Cardamom and Elephant Mountain Ranges offer spectacular sights.

Farming is the key occupation of the country. People live in a stilted huts at small villages. The majority of Cambodian is Khmer of 95%, 20% are different hill tribes and each has their own culture, belief and dress.

The official language is Khmer and spoken by most people. Some speak French, Laos and Vietnamese especially near the border. It is easy to communicate with people in English at tourist areas.

Buddhism is the main religion of Cambodia with 90% population follow either Therevada or Hinayana Buddhism. To Khmer life, worship is an important part so you can see temples around Cambodia.

Siem Reap - Travel information

Siem Reap

21:34 | 06/12/2012
Siem Reap or Siem Riep is the most famous tourism city of Cambodia. It is a small city as Hue city of Vietnam with many green trees. Siem Reap is also the name of a small river which flows through the city centre and then meets Tonle Sap. Yearly, Siem Reap welcomes millions of tourists all over the world to visit and explore the unique of Angkow Wat Temple. Angkor Wat is the historical site of Suryavarman II Reign in the beginning of 12th Century...
Phnom Penh - Travel information

Phnom Penh

21:33 | 06/12/2012
Phnom Penh is also called Nam Vang – the biggest city of Cambodia, the most crowded population and the capital of the country since 1434. It was well known as the pearl of Asia since 1920s in companion with Siem Reap, Phnom Penh attract internal and international tourists to Cambodia. Thanks for its wealthiest; Phnom Penh is the cultural, commercial and political centre of the country and the home of more than one million populations. Phnom Penh has 345 sqkm and the city has many constructions which influence by French style and some typical of Khmer. As a result, the city offers multi choices for visiting at attractions including temples, museums, Royal Palace, Wat Phnom…