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Real experiences by home-stay in the Vietnam tour

Being a part of South East Asia, Vietnam remains as an unknown to quite plenty of people all over the world. A Viet nam tour is the time to explore the new territories, the cultural customs and specific characters of this land which help travelers to imagine a different world.

Having a combination of visiting beautiful sights, tasting specific dishes, relaxing on nice white sandy beaches and enjoying unique cultures, etc in your Vietnam tour will be an exciting journey to this new land. When you have chance to travel Vietnamin the Asia, don’t forget to have a home-stay with a local family, breath the pure air, experience real life at peaceful countryside villages where remain original specific characters of Vietnam. Look at the travel guide of Vietnam, home stay isnot the new type of travel in Vietnam but is value to experience different inspirations.

Actually, even if you stay in Vietnam, there are different kinds of home-stay in Vietnam. Each region will be a different experience of local people life and cultures at quiet villages you visit and stay. The village will certainly bring its own different life. While Sapa or Mai Chau is an opportunity to stay with a minority people in the stilt house and get experience of tribe people in the mountain area. Quang Binh or Hue City home stay will be the chance to enjoy the another piece of Vietnamese culture called “Kinh people” in the garden house with style of Hue Imperial City called “Nha Ruong”. The house is only culture character of only Hue in the past under the reign of Nguyen. The house was built by wooden pillars with an unique style is the specialty for visitors to discover and visit.

Reality, each region has different customs for you to visit and explore. Once you stay at home, you will be as a real local people by staying and spending night with standard facilities. In addition, you talk with hospitality of family members and learn of their cultures. Not similar as in big cities, you will taste local dishes with the family as your own way and you can help the family in preparing and cook dishes to enjoy the real life of Vietnam nations.  The special thing once you have home-stay is to enjoy traditional music of tribe people in Sapa town. Joining with their activity and enjoy the colorful of their cultures.

In contrast, if visitors spend more time in the villages in Hue city, visitors have chance to be a local people by going to market with the family member as their daily customs. Not similar people in other region, Hue people especially in village have the habit to go to market every morning to buy fresh vegetables, fishes and meats for their meals in one day. They rarely buy foods before for restoring. Or see and help them in the daily work in garden. One more thing in your home stay trip to village is to ride a bicycle around the villages to enjoy the peaceful life as your own way with bamboo tree ranges, rice field...

Vietnam tour with home stay is the best way for visitors to explore the truth life in hidden corners of this colorful country. Meet sincerely and friendly farmers in your journey to become a Vietnamese not foreigner tourists to have deeply feelings. A real and strange experience which holidaymaker wish to bring visitors for typical Vietnam values. Come and discover this beautiful country and people together with their variety cultures!

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