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Vietnam Travel By Taking Part In Community Tourism

Vietnam Travel with community tourism is popular form at the presents, especially homestay. Taking part in community tourism, tourists have a chance to visit traditional craft villages, stay at local house and join in household work and festival activities in the region to get new strange experience. From the Northeast, the Central Highlands to the Mekong River Delta, the community tourism develop very much. There are some famous community tourism destinations as Mai Chau ( Hoa Binh Province) , Sa Pa ( Lao Cai Province) and A Luoi District ( Thua Thien Hue) and so on. This form is favor for both domestic and foreign visitors. Travelling in here , you will be impressed by wonderful picture of rice paddies, water fall and  have opportunity to visit minorities’ people and to have  experience the daily activities as well as homestay to explore the life, custom, culture of minority people. The minority people are very friendly and hospitable. You will see strange house which is called stilt house- built above the ground, bamboo floors and roofs made from leaves. Trying the famous Can wine (made from sticky rice) fascinates any visitor. Visitor can catch sight of women sitting in front of the loom with colorful pieces of brocade .You will buy typical products and traditional souvenirs of ethnic people by visiting local market. Especially, you will try some local foods to know the taste of a part of Vietnamese people. It’s very exciting for you to explore life of highland area. At night, you will stay at home of local family and enjoy traditional music with dance, songs, camping fire. You have opportunity to dance as well as talk with host of the house. In that time, you will feel that you are member of this family. A night spent this village is an unforgettable experience. Moreover, you can watch sunrise and enjoy the clean and pure atmosphere in the early morning. You will take part in daily activities such as feeding animals, cooking breakfast , watering plants or maybe sweeping the house as your own home. One journey let yourselves important mark that helps you learn a lot of things from the large world. And the community tourism leads you real experience of the life and make you become more mature. Community tourism has been widely developed throughout the country. In Hoi An Ancient Town, you would have chance to go fishing together with fishermen in early morning or to live a farmer-life in countryside of Mekong River River Delta. It shows that you will join in diversified forms with cheaper cost but get great experience. Through Vietnam Travel trip, you will understand more about culture, life of Vietnamese people and can become other people such as farmer, fisher, etc.

Contacting with travel agent helps you to choose true travel products to get more experience as well as cheaper cost. Come to visit Vietnam with community tourism now to make your life become different and have deeply good impression that you never forget.

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